Happy clients


“I started working with Tammy when I was feeling a heavy sense of something missing in my life. I was blown away that after a few sessions how much things began to shift in my life! The areas that I felt stuck in quickly became clear through my work with Tammy. She taught me fundamental skills that I am able to implement to this day.

Since benefiting so much with my personal growth, I started working with Tammy again when I needed guidance with my business. She has a special gift of knowing exactly what her client needs to be successful!

I highly recommend Tammy and her services! She changed my life and I’m forever grateful.”

– Cortney G., C Good Wellness

“I’ve been thinking a lot this week about where I was a year ago. So much has changed. It’s amazing to say that this pandemic actually helped me become un-broken. Having the quiet to listen to my head and my heart and to know that how I was living – mentally, emotionally and physically – was not good – – was not living – makes me cry. “Finding” this group – “seeing” Tammy, for the first time as my teacher, my coach, my friend, my shining star leading me to being unbroken and alive!!! That’s humbling. I looked at life with dread and fear a year ago. Well – fear no more – ok maybe sometimes, but not in constant fear as I was before. I say it often and today I write it with a full heart – I’m thankful for Radical Self Care Circle and for all of you.”

– Josie D., RSCC

“Working with Tammy has helped me so much. I am a self-employed, mother of 3 that has suffered from anxiety for a long time. Tammy has helped me develop the skills to deal with my anxious feelings as well as life skills to help handle the stress of day-today life. She has also been very helpful with business coaching. Helping me determine how to reach my goals and be more productive.”

– Jen D., D2 Creative Studio, RSCC

“Tammy is truly incredible. My seven year old son has been working with her for several years and looks forward to each and every session. As a parent I am very impressed with the life skills she is teaching in a fun and nurturing way. I notice his toolbox expanding and confidence level increasing and I surely attribute this to her coaching style.”

– Parent of E.L., Kids Coaching


“When I saw that Tammy was taking on private clients, I knew I had to do it. Something was missing in my life. I’ve got a great husband, two wonderful children and a successful career. Why wasn’t I happy? I should be happy, right?!? I decided that coaching would be an investment in myself and I took a leap of faith. It literally changed my life.

Tammy taught me to witness my fears, choose love and most importantly, trust my inner guide. Since our work together, I feel more connected to those around me and my relationships with my family and friends have become stronger. I find that I treat everyone with more compassion and kindness and I live each day with gratitude and acceptance. I’ve learned that happiness comes from within me and I’ve stopped relying on those around me for validation. And you know what? I’m happier than I’ve been in a really long time. My family, friends and co-workers have all noticed and commented on how much happier I seem. I actually feel lighter. I’ve started meditating every day and my kids have even started meditating with me before bedtime, which has virtually ended the bedtime fights in our house.

Tammy is one of the most intuitive people I know and she kept me honest throughout our sessions without any judgment. She is full of compassion and humor and makes this journey both fun and deeply moving. I am truly grateful for her guidance and friendship and would recommend her to anyone who is ready to dig deep and find their truth!”

– Alison O.

“Working with Tammy was like talking to a friend each week. I’m willing to bet her warmth and vulnerability allows everyone to feel safe and open with her, just like you should with a trusted friend. She was my cheerleader, my motivation and gave me unwavering, nonjudgemental support.

Our coaching was strategically organized and Tammy was laser focused on our tasks. She systematically helped me to hone in what I really needed to work on to get to my personal truth. With discipline, ritual and deep spiritual practices, she guided me to unearth my blockages and work through them in a healthy, constructive way. Through weekly tasks and homework assignments she helped me to improve and grow, to vibrate at a higher level and strip away layers of myself and my world that I no longer required.

I ended my program with a clearer vision of my purpose, confidence, tools to continue creating better versions of myself and the ability to be aware of when I needed to bend, flex and adapt fluidly.

Tammy helped me curate an arsenal of healthy strategies that now allows me to respond to adversity with grace and objectivity. She taught me the importance of self care and I have incorporated that into my daily life. The change I was able to make in the weeks during and right after our work together was monumental and literally nothing I had believed I could have done prior.”

– Amy H.

“My son has been in a yoga class with Tammy for the last year and we can’t say enough positive things about this experience! Tammy is kind, creative in her yoga practice, knows how to bring out the best in each student and how to get them excited about yoga. My son would sometimes go into class in a cranky mood and then would come out at the end of class with a huge grin on his face and chattering about how much fun he had! Tammy’s calm demeanor and positive outlook was exactly what these kids needed during the last year!”

– Maureen S., Kids Yoga

“We met Tammy when my then middle school son asked to try yoga after a serious injury, surgery and subsequent diagnosis of joint hypermobility. Tammy was amazing – She did research to understand Michael’s condition and what would be helpful for him, and adjusted her methods to fit his needs and personality. Yoga helped Michael in a different way than physical therapy had, and the meditation and mindfulness practice that Tammy added to his private yoga instruction were just what he needed. Tammy has a warm, engaging personality and knows what she’s doing. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

– Jill S. Teen Yoga and Mindfulness

“Was there ever a time when you were not sure how you could find the strength to carry on? When the demands and expectations for work, family, finances & community were unbearable; confidence hit an all-time low; and it felt as if there were so few moments of joy or satisfaction? That was me on the morning of December 4, 2015. I was in the midst of my morning routine – the regrets and anger of the past many months boiling within me; the fears and worries and anxiety of the days and weeks ahead rapidly escalating. Suddenly the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. I was fully consumed by a dark cloud. Do I need to go back to therapy? What is happening in my life? I reached out to Tammy at 8:57 am – after a tearful commute to work that is forever ingrained in my memory. That morning, I turned to Tammy and her personal coaching work because I knew I had to reshape my life – my emotions, my perspective, my worries.

It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Tammy guided me into the thoughtful journey of self discovery. Bit by bit, every day, Tammy showed me how to use specific methods to create a more content, accepting and peaceful existence. She worked with me to make small and gentle changes in my views and habits – recognizing the ego and my fears, replacing the fear with love, forgiving myself and others, feeling gratitude for all I have, celebrating my good and the good around me. Tammy is a top-notch cheerleader and spirited personal coach — her encouraging and sensible hands-on support is critical to the self-improvement, and gives immeasurable value. She coaches and trains, and helps you expand your tools – books, podcasts, journaling, meditation, affirmations, self-care. Tammy helped to open my eyes to what was really happening, and how I truly have the right tools and gifts in my life. And if I didn’t have the right tools, then I had the strength and wisdom to find them! Tammy gives enormous individual attention to her clients – daily texts, weekly coaching sessions, and makes herself available well after the end of the personal coaching series.

Now I continue my daily practice. Each day takes effort, and I must always work the practice, but I am in a much better place than I could have imagined before our work together.”

– Sarra H.


“Tammy is such a beautiful soul. Working with her was an amazing experience. She made me feel comfortable and made it a no judgement zone, which is huge when you are working on yourself! I felt very safe and felt like I could be myself. She made our group super fun and exciting and I loved getting together each week with likeminded people. Because of Tammy and this amazing program, my entire perspective on life has completely changed and I feel more connected with the people around me. I’ve learned to witness my ego and recognize that’s not who I am! I highly recommend Tammy and this life changing course to anyone who is looking for true authentic happiness with themselves, and others around them. I am ready to take what I have learned and spread it out into the world. Thank you, Tammy!”

– Crystal D.

Tammy Spiewak

“Date night in your own home focused on well-being… that’s what private yoga with Tammy has been. My husband was intimidated to go to a yoga studio and my nutritionist friend told me I had to do yoga. I was crunched for time and I didn’t consider it a work out. Well fast forward a few years and my husband can now touch his toes, his improved flexibility has helped his basketball and pickle ball games and he isn’t afraid to go to a yoga class on vacation. Once I changed my mindset and thought of Yoga as wellness, Tammy worked with me through multiple surgeries to improve my mobility and flexibility through individualizing the moves. It’s a work in progress, but well worth the time and investment.”

Lisa F. Private Yoga

“Working with Tammy is truly amazing! She really helps put things in perspective for me and gives me such incredible advice that I use everyday! She has helped shape me into a more positive person and validates every feeling and emotion I’m having. Each session with Tammy feels like I am talking to my best friend! I always feel so comfortable and at ease with her. She is always there to talk, no matter what time of day, and gives me the confidence I need to make me feel that I can accomplish my goals. Tammy is an incredible person and I feel so lucky to have her wonderful guidance.”

Jessie F.