Who I AM is more important than what I DO, so I’ll start with that.


I’m a highly sensitive soul living, growing and teaching from the framework of my own human experience. I’m imperfectly human. I am as creative as I am disorganized. I am as insatiably curious as I am inclined to overthink. I am an introvert who loves people – though not enough to want to make social plans. I’ve got more degrees and certifications than I can count, yet it’s my real and often messy life that has been my greatest teacher. I follow my heart before my head. My intuition before logic.

I strive to be nonjudgemental, to show up as my authentic self, to practice gratitude, to be kind and loving, to be of service – every single day. I am relentlessly committed to my own personal growth and evolution above all else. It’s from that commitment, that I am able to show up powerfully and consistently for myself, my loved ones, and my clients.

Which leads me to what I do. My Dharma, my true calling.

I help women who are overwhelmed and uninspired, learn how to put themselves first, so they can live their lives with PASSION and PURPOSE.

This is MY passion and purpose. It’s what fuels me, turns me on, keeps me going, keeps me growing.

Through my extensive knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, somatics and the human condition, along with my own personal experiences of healing trauma and transforming my life, I am unshakably committed to supporting, guiding, teaching and holding space for my clients to evolve and grow into the very best versions of themselves.

I can’t wait to see you shine.


“Tammy came into my universe at a time that I was shifting and ready for change. My experience working with her has been life changing. She is light and love. Her ability to share her knowledge and experiences, along with her gentle guidance has impacted my growth and evolution immensely.”
– Kat D., RSCC


Let me know how I can help. I'd love to hear from you!